3351027171 87e00de0a3 5 Hottest Trends in Kitchen Appliances for the Home

What are the latest trends in kitchen appliances?

The kitchen is the focal point of any home and is a constant topic of home improvement discussions in my house. Whether it’s updating the design or the addition of amenities, the work is never done in the kitchen.

Cultivate.com has put together their list of the 5 hottest trends they’re seeing in kitchen appliances and I for one am keeping this list far, far away from my wife as I can feel my wallet getting lighter as I read the list. All joking aside there are some really great concepts out there that would turn any ordinary kitchen into the epicenter of a home. My personal favorite in this list is #2, side by side single ovens. This would mean double the pies, scones and cookies could be made than are currently produced. Now that’s innovation.

Check out the full list over at Cultivate.com. Which features would you most like to see in your kitchen?


Image provided by Flickr user gojeffrey