bedroom 5 Tips For Keeping Your Bedroom Cool This Summer

This bedroom in Kailua, HI looks dreamy!
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With temperatures reaching the high 90s this week it is safe to say that summer has definitely arrived. One of the most uncomfortable experiences at night is trying to sleep in a hot bedroom. Check out these great suggestions from CasaSugar & TLC Home on how to stay cool on hot summer nights.

1) Choose linen bedding. It’s one of the most breathable and warm-weather-friendly materials you can buy. Pop pillowcases in the freezer a few hours before you go to sleep. Remove them right before bedtime and rest your head on cool cotton.

2) Keep your shades pulled closed during the day to reduce heat gain in your home. Using solar shades will also help. Add a second layer of pretty curtains to camouflage the look.

3) Avoid warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow, and instead paint your room in cooler shades such as blue, gray, or light green. It may just be psychological, but it might just help.

4) Cut the sunlight entering your room by decorating with larger plants, like ficus or fiddle leaf figs near windows. The plants will appreciate the Summer sun more than you will!

5) Use light-colored curtains on the windows. Light colors reflect the sun. If you want to be dang certain to keep the light out of your room put foil in the windows, shiny side out.

What do you do to keep your room cool at night?