6 Things You Need In Your Kitchen To Make Your Life Easier

Make life easier in the kitchen with these six affordable items.

Make life easier in the kitchen with these six affordable items.

Organize Your Pots & Pans with a “Pantree”

Now you can quickly find and use your pots, pans and lids. And even better, it’s easy to keep them this way so your cabinets will always be organized. More info here

Fridgepad for iPad

If you like to use your iPad while you are cooking for music or recipes then this item is a must. This is a great way to protect your iPad from getting damaged from liquids/food while still keeping it accessible. Get it here.


Can Cabinet Wall

Stop wasting that space between the wall and your fridge with this amazing space saving idea. Learn how to build one.

No More Tupperware Avalanche

Win the battle against rowdy and unorganized Tupperware with this storage idea.

Pull Out Cutting Board

A pull-out cutting board has a hole, which makes it easy to brush the scraps straight into the trash bin just below. See it here.

Silicone Bowls

One of my favorite things to make is pancakes but making them is so time consuming. You have to measure out all the ingredients, pour them in a bowl, then pour them into something else so that you don’t make a mess once you pour them in a pan. These bowls make make the entire process so much easier. (Bakers: think about how much easier it would be to pour your ingredients into muffin tins!) Get it here.

Here is a look at the “prep” bowls but they come in all sizes!

See more of the beautiful home featured above here.


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