“Clear the Dishes and Rack Em!”

For years, dining tables have been an object of design. They come in all shapes, materials and styles but they all serve one purpose—a dining table. Contemporary lifestyle, however, has changed dramatically. People don’t just buy nice furnishings; they consider how the items will contribute to spending time at home, whether with family or entertaining friends.

The Fusion table from Milano Smart Living, which doubles as a stylish dining table and pool table, cleverly brings to life the “two in one” concept to create a chic dining space as well as a fun game room—and yes, even the increasingly popular man cave. The table is available in a variety of several woods—from wenge, walnut, grey oak to white oak—to satisfy any décor statement.

This sophisticated space saving table is one of the innovative pieces of furniture we ever have seen.

Would you buy one for your home?