This is the second installment of “a father’s guide” to various things around the home. The first time we dealt with getting a room ready for baby. This time we’re going to deal with an equally important topic that is soon to be on the minds of father’s across the globe and that’s what to do with your home’s backyard come the summer months when your young kids will be home for the entire week.

Yet again this post is for father’s only so ladies you can feel free to browse over here and watch some videos while us dads talk privately for a moment or two.

Now that the women are gone. Here are some important tips for father’s to prep those backyards for the kids entertainment in the summer months.

1. Buy a pool

I’m not talking about an in-ground pool. I’m talking about one of those cheap inflatable pools you can get at Target or Walmart. Sure they won’t last more than a few months, but I’m telling you kids of all ages love them. You just blow it up, plop it in the backyard, fill it with water from the garden hose and you have instant fun. That pool can buy you at least an hour of child-free whining…until someone gets splashed in the face.

2. Consider a fence

Lots of people get fences for privacy or just to make their home’s exterior a little more classy. For those with small children, don’t worry about privacy or decor. Worry about containment. A fence can allow you to open that back door, send the kids out and you don’t have to worry about them running into the neighbor’s yard or exploring the entire neighborhood. A chain link fence is pretty affordable and does the job.

3. Two words: Fun Noodles

Kids can get restless and need to exert some energy. If you have multiple children, the concern can be that they get a little too wild with each or their friends and something like water guns can cause issues as soon as someone gets hit in the face. That’s why fun noodles are the perfect toy. It’s virtually impossible to get hurt with one and kids can pretend the fun noodles are swords, trumpets, horses or whatever their imagination desires. Plus at less that $2 a piece you can get a stack of 10 for under $20. Might be the best summer investment you make.

4. Create a kids picnic area

This can be as simple as a dedicate bedspread that becomes the outdoor lunch or dinner table or getting kids-sized beach chairs that can be placed in the backyard. Whatever it might be my wife has found letting the kids eat “on their own” outside can eat up hours in the afternoon or evening and let’s them feel like that have their own special space. Grab a few juice boxes, a bag of Goldfish crackers and some PBJ sandwiches, send the kids outside while you and the Mrs. can enjoy a dinnertime conversation for once.

These are just a few ideas as the school days come to a close. Share your secrets to keeping the kids entertained in the backyard during the summer in the comments.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Rusty Darbonne