openframe2 A Grown Up Way for Displaying Posters in Your HomeRemember the days of hanging up posters in your room? A Star Wars poster on your bedroom door perhaps? Maybe Michael Jordan in a tongue wagging pose over a cowering John Stockton? Or was it Donnie Wahlberg from his NKOTB days?

Whatever your choice of wall art was there was something great about being able to hang whatever you wanted on your walls and posters or small pictures were pretty easy to tack up on the wall and replace as you saw fit. But now you’re a home owner. Sticky-tacking decor to your wall is no longer acceptable. Hanging artwork officially become a hassle, and don’t even get me started when you take the time to perfectly hang something and then someone decides they want to move it. Painful.

And then what do you do with all those posters and prints that  you have? Custom framing is ridiculously expensive. That’s where OpenFrame comes in. It’s a novel concept from Jeff Sheldon of & designer, Matthew Smith.

openframe1 A Grown Up Way for Displaying Posters in Your Home

OpenFrame takes the ease of those old days of tacking up posters and turns it into a grown-up version for the modern day homeowner. The video above shows it perfectly, but if you prefer reading instead of watching stuff, read on.

Made in the USA, OpenFrame gives you multiple sizes for a wooden “open” frame that has a magnetic board embedded in it. Using rare earth magnets, you can then hang a poster, print, photos or whatever on the open frame and have the ability to swap out what’s on the frame whenever your heart desires.

OpenFrame is planning to be offered in a variety of finishes and sizes so it’ll fit pretty much any type of home decor.

OpenFrame is currently on Kickstarter and being touted as “a simple, flexible way to display prints & photos.” Click here for more details.