Febreeze. Those fruity plugin fresheners. Scented candles. Those are for girly houses. It’s about time there was an air freshener for those manliest of places. Evidently, ArcherMen felt the same way as they’ve created a line of home air fresheners to make your castle smell the way men like it.

For just $14 a piece you can buy the most masculine of scents available like Distillery, Hunting Lodge or European Sports Car. Come on, tell me you’re not curious to try them out?

If you can’t make up your mind, you can order all 3 scents for $42. The question I have is how many women live with the men who are buying these air fresheners? I have a hard time believing my wife would want me spraying Hunting Lodge scent throughout the house before dinner guests arrive.

But in the basement with a pool table, a flat screen and an XBox? Pass the European Sports Car please.

Check out all the home air fresheners and place an order for your man cave over at ArcherMen.