Gardening is one of those ideals of prospective home owners. Who doesn’t like the thought of watching something new created from the very soil that you call your own? But not all of us have the backyard, front yard or general land mass to be able to enjoy nature’s bounty.

Sure you could go with the standard potted plants, but anyone can do that. So when I saw these terrariums from West Elm it looked like the perfect marriage of fashion and function for the homeowner looking to enjoy gardening even in the smallest of homes. (Side note: I will confess I had to look up what a terrarium was. Here’s the full definition.

These wire terrariums feature blown glass onto the metal frames and give you an incredible conversation piece that also gives you the ability to garden within the confines of your home.

I thought a piece like this would be incredibly expensive, but it’s actually quite affordable as the price ranges from $49-$129 depending on the size purchased. Visit for more details