dezeen Tornado Proof House by 10 Design 3 300x220 A Tornado Proof House That Hides Underground

A home that’s potentially tornado proof.

You have to hand it to the folks over at 10 Design for truly out of the box thinking. How do you solve a problem like tornadoes for those who live in places that experience them on a regular basis? For 10 Design the answer was make the house go where the tornado can’t get it…underground.

A concept idea using what’s referred to as “kinetic architecture” this home would basically fold itself into the ground using hydraulics and a self-folding structure to allow the home to basically move into it’s own basement. The top would then be auto-sealed with a water proof substance to prevent any water damage.

But how long would this process take? The roof of the old Skydome would take a half hour to close, but Ted Givens of 10 Designs believes this could happen in a manner of seconds and that neighborhoods could have built-in sensor mechanisms to alert home owners of changing weather conditions to prompt the need to literally take cover.

It sounds like something that’s beyond science fiction, but the technology exists to begin looking at a concept like this more seriously. Check out the video below that shows this concept from 10 Designs:



Image courtesy of 10 Designs