I know nothing about Stephen Kellogg and the Sixer but I came across the lyrics to their song My Favorite Place during one of my recent trips down the rabbit hole of the Internet. You know when you click on a link and then get distracted and find yourself on a site and you don’t know how you got there? That’s what happened to me when I came across this video of Stephen Kellogg on YouTube talking about My Favorite Place.

I’m naturally curious about the meaning behind songs, and this one is a perfect fit for our favorite topic at Coldwell Banker, home. The lyrics talk about the singer’s desire to get back to the city and then to the country and his home town. But if the name of the song is My Favorite Place which of these is his favorite?

What I came to realize is that the songwriter is expressing a feeling that most of us have experienced at one time or another. We all love to go on vacation or visit family and friends in unique destinations, but there’s something about coming back home that gives comfort to your soul.

The song reveals that the favorite place is not necessarily a destination, but rather it’s wherever his loved ones are. If that’s not the definition of home, I don’t know what is.

Well it’s time I was getting back home, where the sound is the song in my heart…

In this video, Stephen Kellogg introduces the song by saying “It only takes me two seconds to start talking about my family…But one of my favorite places in the world is being with them.” I know that feeling Mr. Kellogg.  While vacations used to be about sightseeing and adventure, for me they are quickly becoming about home. Not that we’re always staying at home, but rather vacations are spent enjoying that feeling of home.

That feeling might be at the Jersey Shore, it might be in Michigan or it might be in Greenville, SC. Why those places? Because that’s where my family is. That’s where some incredible homes reside. Not because they’re modern day castles with rooms galore, but rather it’s where children pack into rooms and hallways on air mattresses and sleeping bags. It’s where late night snacks mix with conversation that make you laugh until your cry. It’s where traditions are made and time is forgotten. It’s home.

As you travel in the coming months I trust you’ll echo the same sentiment as the lyrics from My Favorite Place which says: All the places I go, I always know that home is wherever you are.

Here’s a look at Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers singing My Favorite Place: