If online video is king, then Coldwell Banker On Location is a major part of its fiefdom. This week Coldwell Banker On Location, the one of a kind YouTube channel for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, surpassed two million views in under 2 years.

These days there are a lot of real estate brands and companies that are jumping onto the video bandwagon. In fact at a recent major real estate convention, you couldn’t walk ten feet without running into a vendor or real estate brand who wasn’t talking about video. The thing of it is, they’re a little under two years late to the party.

While others are just starting to ramp up their video efforts and just try and get videos on YouTube, Coldwell Banker On Location still has the unique interface and functionality to allow you to search for a home on YouTube that our competition has yet to replicate. Not only are our videos on YouTube, but hundreds of thousands of people are watching the same videos on coldwellbanker.com as property and agent videos are available in our website search results.

I love the fact that there’s competition in the online video space. It makes you continue to innovate and build on what you have to make a better product for consumers and the customers that have entrusted the marketing of their home to a Coldwell Banker real estate professional across the globe. But I’m even happier to have a 2 million view and 25,000 video inventory lead.