1g8tf3pqcdzbm townhouseC4 web 150x150 Confidence in Home Ownership Headed In Right DirectionI’m using my iPad more and more to get my news, but I still love “old fashioned” newspapers and magazines. On one of my recent – and many – flights to visit with Coldwell Banker agents around the country, I stopped in the Hudson News at Newark Airport and picked up Money Magazine.

When I got to the back page and saw the chart, I have to tell you my smile went ear-to-ear. Consumers are showing renewed confidence in housing!

Money asked its readers, “Is this a good time to buy real estate?”

The results:
1) 48% said it was a great time to buy
2) 26% said it was an OK time to buy
3) Only 26 % thought it was probably not a good time or was a bad time to buy

As the economy continues to improve, confidence in home ownership should also rise. This survey shows that we are headed in the right direction.