The latest social media craze, Pinterest, is in full force and was recently named the third most popular social network.  I’m one of the many new ‘pinners’ who can’t get enough.  This site, which acts as a virtual inspiration or online bulletin board, is a perfect way to find, save and share your favorite things with your friends, whether it’s fashion must-haves, favorite recipes or home décor ideas.

pinterest2 150x150 Finding “Pinspiration” for Your Dream Home

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website

Since my mind is always thinking real estate, it struck me how Pinterest is changing real estate and how we think about our homes.  When I was searching for my home and later decorating it, I was constantly ripping out pictures from magazines or saving ideas into massive word files, but now all I need is my Pinterest boards.  Not surprisingly, Coldwell Banker is making its mark on Pinterest and getting recognized by industry observers like Mashable for its excellent pin boards and use of the site.  I love some of the amazing images, grouped into board categories like: Extraordinary Architecture,  Poolside and Cool Closets.  Some of the ideas are purely aspirational, and some seem surprisingly easy to implement.

Now, on a computer or mobile device, we can elegantly compile what we used to buy multiple magazines for: the ideas that inspire us most.  And they are cultivated by the friends and taste-makers we choose to follow.  Whether you’re still in the dreaming phase, already looking for a home, or making one your own, Pinterest is a great place to go for ‘pinspiration.’  Here are some of my thoughts on how to use this new tool:

  • Dreaming of Your Perfect Home: There are so many unique homes featured on Pinterest.  If you are still in the dreaming phase, this is a great site to just browse and admire some truly unique and beautiful homes as well as décor ideas.
  • The Home Search: Compile photos of homes that have features that make your must-have or nice-to-have list, for example, your dream kitchen design or master bedroom layout.  You can then share it with your family or significant other, and even show your real estate agent to give him or her an idea of what you have in mind.
  • Making your home your own: One of the greatest joys of home ownership is making it your own.  It’s all about finding the perfect paint color to match the perfect couch.  On Pinterest, there is an abundance of photos to inspire you and give you ideas of how to turn a house into a home.
  • Organizing the Home: Beyond décor, Pinterest is full of tips and tricks on how to organize your home.  Making the most out of the space you have can always be a challenge, but these do-it-yourself projects will provide the inspiration needed to keep a tidy home and maximize your space.

Have you embraced Pinterest as your new social media go-to site?  If so, tell us how you’ve been using it!