In May, we learned from Dr. Robi Ludwig home provides emotional and psychological benefits that go far beyond financial returns. I believe that these benefits play a vital role in even our earliest years of life.  Our earliest roots are planted right in our bedroom. Looking back on my childhood I smile thinking about the hours I spent in my room making it just right…making it MY room.

As a little girl, my bedroom was decorated with pretty pastel colors, a table for two perfect for an afternoon tea party and a bed frame that was shaped like a house with window cut outs. As I grew out of having tea parties with my teddy bears and dolls, I looked forward to each holiday because I knew it meant another “big girl” addition to my bedroom. From my very own telephone  to a TV and eventually my most prized possession my computer, it was filled with signs of growing up. My room was filled with countless emotional ties including memories of my father reading to me in bed each Christmas Eve to my mom bringing me breakfast in bed and yes, I will admit even nights that I hid under the covers convinced there really was a monster in my closet just waiting to get me.

When I moved out of my parent’s home for good it was bittersweet and a moment that I know everyone experiences at some point. I put 23 years of love into making that room of my house my home and it showed. From pictures of friends and family to the teddy bear I kept on my bed from when I was a baby my room told a story of my life, as each room should in a household.

To pay homage to the room that meant the most to me growing up  we compiled a list of the best kids rooms. From a pretty in pink princess room to a bedroom  any little  pirate would give up his treasure for, we present our top 10 favorite kids rooms found on

Pirate Room

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