home theater 300x199 Home Theater is the New BlackWhen my wife and I were shopping for a home, she had one stipulation: the home needs to have a “formal dining room.” I searched site after site after site trying to widdle my results down to only those places that had formal dining rooms.

Turns out that this time of year people aren’t as interested in formal dining rooms as they might be the rest of the year. It’s March Madness and people’s interest turn to one thing: home theaters.

No longer just for man caves, home theaters are now an essential part of any American home. How can you enjoy the Sweet 16 without the walls vibrating on every banked shot and a TV the covers more square footage than Monaco?

At Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we did some investigating and found that there are currently 1,028 homes on coldwellbanker.com that call out “home theater” in the property description. Not only that, but the median home price for these homes with “home theater” in the description is a whopping $1,419,558.

Wow. Must be a pretty good home theater system.

If you’re curious, the most expensive home on coldwellbanker.com that features a home theater is a $100 million property/palace that is being custom built in Windermere, FL. Click here to take a look and feel free to make an offer to Coldwell Banker agent, Lorraine Barrett if you’re interested.

I won’t be surprised if home theater become a much more common feature in the near future that sellers and agent tout when selling their home. Next time I’m looking for a home I’m going to skip the formal dining room and head straight to look at the home theater.

Picture courtesy of Flickr user gsloan