vegetablegarden 300x199 How to Easily Make An All Natural Pest Repellent

No varmints in my garden please.

Walk down the aisle in Home Depot and you’ll discover a hundred different ways to get rid of pests inside and outside of your home. Which one is the best one? Are the chemicals in them ok for your lawn? Are they okay for your family to be around? Will they even work?

These are the questions I consistently find myself wondering, especially now that my wife has turned a portion of our backyard into a pretty bountiful vegetable garden. That’s why I found this great video from eHowHome so interesting.

In the video, popular designer and lifestyle expert, P. Allen Smith, shows you step-by-step how to easily make an all-natural, and effective, pest repellant for your home or garden. Watch the video below to avoid a Caddyshack moment in order to get rid of those varmints.


Image courtesy of Flickr user net_efekt