lightbulb 200x300 How to Lower Your Home Energy Bill By Changing Your Light BulbsAs a homeowner, I’m well aware of my energy costs, especially as the colder months approach. I’ve replaced windows, sealed doors and made investment in ways to heat and cool my home more efficiently, but sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference. Changing your light bulbs might be one of the most overlooked areas to lower your home energy bills.

In the video above from, they cover a number of ways that swapping out those old light bulbs for energy efficient ones can have a serious impact on your energy costs.

One thing I learned is that not all energy efficient bulbs are the same. Who knew, right? The video goes into some of the main difference between different types of bulbs and where they might work best for the needs in your home.

What’s also interesting is they highlight the coming light bulb ban, aka the Federal Energy Savings Act, which phases out high-wattage incandescent bulbs.

Take a look at the video above and see if making some simple lighting changes can have a big impact on your home.


Image courtesy of Flickr user nodomain1