dvd remote How to Quickly Skip Those Annoying Previews on Your Home DVDsYou might be wondering, what on earth does this have to do with home? Well come the holidays, it has everything to do with home.

I have 3 kids and an extended family with tons of kids so come the holidays when we feel that something is about to break in the house, it’s time to put on a DVD for the kids. But you know kids’ attention spans. If you don’t get that movie on in the first 60 seconds of them sitting down, you’ve lost them. Of course, those annoying trailers have to start, you hit the skip button on the remote but it doesn’t always let you skip right to the movie.

That is until now.

Possibly the most useful trick for your home theater is the one shown in the video above from CNet. To skip those trailers and even the FBI warning just hit STOP twice on your remote and then press play. It will jump right to the start of the movie.

So whether you’re trying to buy yourself two plus hours by letting the kids watch The Polar Express or settling down with family and friends for a nice quiet evening with The Dark Knight Rises, this little trick will help you get right to what you want instead of wasting time with the unnecessary.

You’re welcome.