At Coldwell Banker, we’ve known for a while now that today’s consumers want more than a simple home search by price, square footage or number of bedrooms. We followed suit by launching an entire new website this summer aimed at giving home shoppers a persistent Google like search experience, integrated listing videos via Coldwell Banker On Location, a keyword search as well as the groundbreaking ‘BlueScape Search’, which has been coined the “Pandora” of real estate search.

On Monday, we continued in our tradition of innovation by launching an intuitive new tool we’re calling,  “Lifestyle Search” for our website, To some home shoppers, the neighborhood and all that it does and doesn’t offer plays just as critical a role in the decision making process as does price or number of bathrooms.  Home Buyers, especially in today’s economic climate need to be comfortable that the area they choose to buy a home at matches well with their particular lifestyle. What’s great about the newly launched “Lifestyle Search” is that the various Lifestyle criteria are applicable to just about any homeowner’s wants…regardless of one’s station in life. Whether you’re looking at new neighborhoods from an investment perspective or if you’re simply wanting to move somewhere that fits perfectly into the type of life you like to lead…Lifestyle Search surely can help.

CB LifestyleSearch1 e1293046996807 Lifestyle Search: Find the Neighborhoods You Want to Call Home

Want to move to neighborhood with A+ schools? Want to see what’s for sale in areas bustling with museums, theaters and nightlife? Use the Lifestyle Search sliders to prioritize what exactly is most important to you and you’ll be on you way! Simply select a state your interested in (you can also enter a county and/or metro area) and let us know what’s most important to you.

CB LifestyleResults1 e1293047078360 Lifestyle Search: Find the Neighborhoods You Want to Call Home

Based off of your preferences, we’ll show you the top 20 locations that most closely match what you want in a neighborhood. Feel free to look at properties for sale in those areas or modify your search on the right side of the page to run a new Lifestyle Search

Whether you want to live in a trendy/artsy section of San Francisco or near luxurious Golf Resorts in sunny Florida, check out our Lifestyle Search to find the potential home and neighborhood suited for your lifestyle.

We’ve been pretty busy this Holiday Season… so come on over to to check out a few other cool new features that we rolled out this week including a site-wide currency converter and a very helpful and intuitive Affordability Radar.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a healthy and Happy New Year!