The majority of the United States will be under a heat advisory today so it’s a perfect excuse to hang out indoors and read some real estate headlines! With my Starbucks iced coffee next to me and the central air on full blast, here are some of the more interesting real estate stories I have come across this week:

Flavorwire has a list of 15 apartments from the movies that they wish they could own. I’ve always been partial to Josh Baskin’s apartment in the movie Big.

Jerry Seinfeld no longer wants to be master of his domain in Colorado so he put his house on the market. Frontdoor.comgives you a photo tour.

A Texas man found an abandoned home worth about $330,000, moved into it and due to a loophole was able to buy it for a mere $16.

And finally, as if Harry Potter needed any more publicity, author JK Rowling’s childhood home is now for sale. Rumor has it that butterbeer will be served at the open house.