With a fair share of distressed property in Las Vegas, it helps to give buyers more reasons to want your home over the competition. Studies show staged homes sell faster and at a higher price than their neighbors. Why not give your home a proven advantage over other homes for sale in the area?

Start staging from the outside in. Keep your landscaping neat and facades free of defects. Don’t forget the obvious. It’s common for residents of properties in Las Vegas to use the garage entrance more frequently than the front door. But the garage is often not as clean as the front entrance. Incoming buyers may notice dirt, a bell that doesn’t work, or a door in need of fresh paint.

De-clutter and Clean

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” makes a motto best left to yard sales. When staging a home, “less is more” rules the day. Armed with moving boxes and brooms, you can instantly create space, a commodity so appealing to buyers that it actually adds dollars to your sale price.

Everything extraneous must go! Remove small appliances and other items from kitchen counters. Organize cabinets, shelving, and pantries. Heavy shutters or solar screens function as great shields from desert heat for a property in Las Vegas, but when staging your home go for a light, airy look, clean windows and screens and leave shutters and draperies open.

It’s not Personal

Staging a home should also include removing personal items. Enhancing buyers’ visualization of their own style in the space helps them picture living there. A tasteful flower arrangement or bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter offers a cheery touch, but pack away family photos and antique doll collections.

Consider going for paint makeovers where necessary. A neutral palatte works best when staging a home. Bold colors or wallpaper can appear too reflective of your own taste. Fortunately, a lot of property in Las Vegas already tends to utilize natural desert tones.


Now that you’ve cleared out clutter and personal pieces, it’s time to re-arrange and re-purpose. Move furnishings around, and remove overly large or awkward items altogether. This opens up rooms, showing your home off to best advantage. Then take a fresh look around your house. Would the loft area make a relaxing yoga space? Could the spare room become a useful home office? Maybe the formal dining room would see more use decked out as a man cave. Try it!


Focus on final details. Walk around, noticing focal points along walls. Hang single items at average eye height there. Try decorator tips such as grouping an uneven number of different-sized objects to accent a tabletop or mantle. Fresh cut flowers or green plants strategically placed lend freshness, life, and fragrance to the indoors.

Still need a little help getting psyched for staging your property in Las Vegas to beat out the competition? Get inspiration by walking through a model home and observe firsthand examples of professional staging done right. Then you can use all the techniques described here to stage your home without breaking the bank.