Oh, how I love the spring! Some people may not realize that in the part of Northern California where I live, we get quite a bit of snow each year, but we also have our fair share of beautiful weather, blooming flowers and cool breezes. I love to throw on my gardening gloves or simply sit outside to appreciate the weather, taking in all that this season has to offer.

Of course, aside from simply enjoying this time of year, those of us in real estate have another thing that adds a spring to our step: the “Spring Home Buying Season.” When the air warms up, the shoppers come out, and we often see an uptick in interest.  

If springtime buyers are anything like me, they want a home that allows them to enjoy a warm breeze and a little outdoors every now in then. And thankfully, many homes on the market do just that! Just for fun, I did a quick search on ColdwellBanker.com for listings that bring out the best in spring:

There are currently 7,948 homes across the U.S. with ponds, including the legendary Spelling Manor, but budget buyers need not fret – more than 3,700 homes under $200,000 boast this luxurious feature.

  • More than 10,000 homes across the country have tennis courts (or access to one nearby).
  • 78 homes have babbling brooks – you don’t get much more spring-ready than that!
  • More than 1,700 homes are described as great for watching sunsets, —perfect now that sunsets stretch later into the evening.
  • 3,484 are truly “one with nature” — so much so that it’s included in their description.

Although I love the home I currently own and live in with my family, it’s always fun to dream. 132299364 1277168731246 5532 viewfromcanal 300x199 Spring Homes for Spring Buying SeasonIf you haven’t played with the Bluescape tool yet, now is a great time. With my spring-minded hat on, I just tested it out and gave a ‘thumbs up’ for images that remind me of the season. One of my matches was this stunning Bahamian cottage. Does anyone know how this time of year is in the Caribbean? I’m going to take a guess – I bet it’s pretty nice.