Summer Fridays: Vacation Getaways

As the summer season winds down, here are a few of our favorite homes from some must-visit vacation destinations.

Summer Fridays: Beach and Waterfront Views

What's more "summery" than a day on the beach or on the water? Not much. Take a look at these 7 must-see waterfront homes currently listed for sale on

The Evolution of Beach House Living

What started out as a simple escape from the summer heat in the days before air conditioning, beach houses have become a trend of second home ownership.

Home of the Week: Private Sandy Beachfront in...

Join us for a tour of this magnificent 3.5 acre estate that features a zip line and its very own pier and boathouse.

Home Tip of the Day: Getting Sand Off Your Feet...

Avoid bringing the beach home between your toes with this easy trick. You'll be amazed how simple it is!

5 Beautiful Beach Houses

Who's up for a beach house staycation?
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