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Slideshow: Show Stealing Properties from Seattle and Denver

In light of hometowns and the BIG upcoming game, we thought it would be clever to construct a compilation of 10 beautiful properties from both Seattle and Denver.

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Moments

Thanksgiving is an occasion to be enjoyed with others. Instead of just one of us talking about Thanksgiving memories, traditions and even plans for this year, Gus, Lindsay and I sat down to share our different takes on turkey day.

November 21 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Best Dallas Neighborhoods for a True Football Fan

Wherever you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, chances are you will find enthusiastic football fans who are ready to support local high school teams, their favorite college players and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys.

November 18 / 2013

Game Day Traffic at Cowboys Stadium

Travel to Arlington on Cowboys game day can be an exercise in judgment and patience. Options such as extended tailgate parties or riding a “party bus” can alleviate some of the stress, but getting to the game still spells traffic.

November 11 / 2013
Author Adrienne Cohen
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Real Estate Headlines for the Start of Football Season

The NFL is in the middle of preseason. High schools and colleges across the country are prepping for the first game of the season. And fantasy football leagues around the globe are scheduling draft dates. Football season is here and it just makes things better. But before you look at your favorite team’s depth chart, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

Home of the Week: A House Built for Linemen

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be recruited as a big time college football prospect. So when I learned Pat McClure-Smith, Broker/Owner of Coldwell Banker Pat McClure Realty in Mississippi, is selling the homes of former University of Mississippi head football coach Houston Nutt and his wife Diana, I couldn’t help but wonder if the team ever stopped by for a meal and pep talk.

Labor Day: A Transitional Time of Year at Home

Happy Labor Day everyone. It’s the greatest oxymoron of holidays. Most of us will take the day off on a day celebrating workers of the past and present. In any case, it’s not just a day off but also a time of transition at home.

September 03 / 2012
Author David Marine
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A Place in Denver for Peyton Manning to Call Home

Peyton Manning is headed to the Denver Broncos. His options were plenteous, but the former MVP decided he needed some higher elevation to help his chance at winning another Super Bowl. While Manning’s move will garner more press than most it still requires him to do what every person has to do when the move because of a new job…they have to find a place to call home.

March 20 / 2012

Homeowners Define Communities

What a summer it has been – especially the last month or so. An earthquake, unbearable heat, Hurricane Irene, squabbling in Washington, D.C., but now it’s time for my favorite season. Yup, for me fall begins tomorrow with the start of the college football season.

September 01 / 2011