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You Know You Live in Dallas If…

Even though it’s not the way it’s often portrayed on television, there is a certain “Dallas aura” attributed to the citizens of this mega-city on the Texas plains. You know you live in Dallas if you do the following.

November 06 / 2013
Author Adrienne Cohen
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Fort Worth Real Estate Attracts Sophisticated Residents with Cowtown Culture

Fort Worth and Dallas, despite being closely aligned in geography, grew from different roots and shared a long-standing rivalry. Now, however, each city seems to have come of age and to have developed a distinct personality.

September 22 / 2013

Public Art Graces Parks and Plazas Throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Much of the public art displayed in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has the area’s history, particularly its Western roots, as a subject. But not all of it. The two cities share a tradition of architecturally important buildings as well as modern art.

Choice of Airports Makes Dallas Travel Easy for Residents, Visitors Alike

With a major regional airport between the two cities, Dallas and Fort Worth enjoy unparalleled access to convenient air travel. Dallas residents also benefit from the existence of Love Field, home to Southwest Airlines, within its boundaries.

July 29 / 2013
Author Adrienne Cohen
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Panther City: Fort Worth’s Economic Resiliency

Nicknamed Panther City after the Civil War, Fort Worth evolved from a small, frontier town to a thriving metropolitan city with a strong economic presence in the Southwestern United States. With a major rail station, Fort Worth became a commercial hub.

July 27 / 2013