You Know You Live in Dallas If…

Even though it’s not the way it’s often portrayed on television, there is a certain “Dallas aura” attributed to the citizens of this mega-city on the Texas plains. You know you live in Dallas if you do the following.

There are certain traits that Dallas residents share. This may sound like the opening line of a joke, but there are certain tendencies specific to those who proudly call this Texas city home. Texans in general are known for taking their state history and heritage seriously, celebrating its diversity from the beaches to the oil fields.

But to get specific, you know you live in Dallas if you do any of the following:

  1. Wait eagerly each year for the announcement of the winning food recipe to be featured at the State Fair of Texas. This year there were dual winners — deep-fried Cuban roll and deep-fried Thanksgiving Dinner.
  2. Know that Texas-OU Weekend, which fills the Cotton Bowl Stadium to overflowing during the State Fair each year, is very serious competition. Crowds spill over into the streets to make for a long, loud, boisterous weekend. For many Dallas residents, burnt orange and “Hook ’em Horns” are an absolute requirement.
  3. Love the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders even if you don’t so much love the Cowboys. America’s Sweethearts will always be worth watching, and the TV cameras are trained on them almost as often as they are on the players. Additionally, no matter how much you grumble about their record, you know you live in Dallas if, at the end of the day, you defend the Cowboys no matter what.
  4. Have trouble giving directions to “tourists” because you don’t think about the highway numbers, but instead follow only the names. For example, you tell people to get on R.L. Thornton and take either Stemmons or Central North to LBJ. When your visitor asks for an estimate of how many miles are involved, you may just draw a blank.
  5. Think that the three major food groups are Tex-Mex, Blue Bell ice cream, and barbecue. And, you know the best places to find each. And the operating hours. And the servers. 
  6. Love Southwest Airlines. Love the convenience of Love Field. Would rather have peanuts and crowded flights than reserved seats and knit slippers. 

If you’re not a Dallas native — just as many residents are not — it’s not difficult to fall into the local mindset. You may have to practice some of the local expressions, but you can be sure that plenty of residents are willing to help you. This is the “real deal” after all, and when someone says to you, “Y’all come back now, y’hear?” it is generally a sincere request. 

And finally, if you live in Dallas, you know that no matter how nice it is, Fort Worth is a separate city.

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  1. Kathleen
    November 6, 2013

    #6 — knit slippers?


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