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‘Tis the Season to Sell: Small Projects that Help in a Big Way

With the warming temperatures of spring thawing us all from this winter’s deep freeze, thousands of new homes will be hitting the market within the next few weeks as the selling season kicks into high gear. As a seller, you can either hope your home will sell quickly in a crowded marketplace, or you can [...]

Welcome Home: Weyant Family

The Weyant family loves the ocean. Their life seemingly revolves around it and it’s where the place they call home resides. So when Super Storm Sandy hit the area of Freeport, Long Island, it left them devastated both physically and mentally.

November 04 / 2013

Welcome Home: An American Soldier’s Thoughts on Home

“Home is my favorite place.” That’s how this video starts and I’m not sure a better intro could be given. In this vignette from the series we call “Welcome Home” we talk with the Michael & Michelle Hults about what home means to them. Michael served in our military for many years but when he came home from service recently the place he loved to come back to was almost completely ruined.

June 03 / 2013

Welcome Home: A Freedom Tower Worker’s New Appreciation of Home

Chris and Jennifer Marron had found the home they were looking for. It was a fixer upper that they planned to make their own over time as they tackled projects one at a time. They fell in love not just with the home, but with the neighborhood as well.

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Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Recently, George to the Rescue’s George Oliphant met with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent Ronnie Aiosa to talk about some small projects you can take on to put your home in a better position to capture buyers’ attention this spring selling season.