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Things to Ask a Contractor Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Have a home improvement project that requires professional expertise? Enlist the help of a contractor. Choosing the right contractor for the job can be challenging, especially if you do not know who to call.

Spruce Up Your Home With Popular Improvements

Homeowners should determine beforehand the reasons they are making upgrades to their properties, because it may impact the scope, costs and types of improvements they choose.

DIY Home Improvement Projects and Why I Hate Wainscoting

The other day I shared two accounts of friends of mine sharing their first DIY home improvement project. Every home owner has one and I’d be hypocritical if I didn’t share mine.

May 06 / 2013

That First Home Improvement Project

We live in an era where DIY has become a badge of honor. It’s lauded on television, encouraged in magazines and books, and Lowes & Home Depot have made a nice living off of it.

May 01 / 2013

Is it Time to Update Your Roof?

There is often one overlooked aspect of a home that should not go neglected for a long period of time: the roof.

A Father’s Guide to Getting a Room Ready for Baby

Ladies, this is not for you. This is just between us dads. This is not a post with affordable tips on baby-proofing a room nor is it a guide to color schemes and themes. This is a post of practical wisdom for father’s who are about to undertake what can be a fairly laborious process: getting a room ready for that first baby.

That First Home Project as a Couple

Anyone homeowner who has a significant other can tell you a story about that first home project together. It might be funny now, but chances are it wasn’t all too funny then. Mine dealt with painting. Lots of painting. Did I mention I hate painting? Recently I came across a great modern tale of a newlywed couple who embarked on quite an interesting first home project

February 27 / 2013

Adding a Fireplace to Your Home

The image of spending time with family and friends gathered by an open fireplace is a selling point in many homes for sale, but not all properties come equipped with a built-in fireplace.

Real Estate Headlines for a New Year

Welcome to 2013. Merry New Year as Billy Ray Valentine of Trading Places´╗┐ would say. So as you dust off the confetti from your New Year’s Eve festivities hear are some real estate headlines to help you ring in the new year:

January 02 / 2013