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Infographic: Baby Boomers and the Real Estate Market

There are 79 million baby boomers, and this year, the oldest boomers turn 65. Their impact on the economy is enormous, so looking at the home buying trends of this group highlights interesting differences between older and younger boomers. A new survey from Coldwell Banker reveals that younger baby boomers are interested in purchasing a second home (34 percent) as compared to their older boomer counterparts (22 percent).

November 02 / 2011

Are You Spending $1,000 a Month on Rent?

I enjoyed a “fun” weekend out in Urbana-  Champaign, IL, with family and friends.  We had a blast together hoping our Fightin’ Illini would improve to 7-0 against Ohio State.  Didn’t happen.   We turned the ball over too many times. That’s why I used “fun” to describe the weekend.  I was hoping it would have [...]

October 17 / 2011
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Consumer Confidence is Driving the Bus

It’s all about consumer confidence.  If you didn’t think that American nerves are rattled by the recession, continued high unemployment figures and the recent Capitol Hill squabbling, you don’t have to look further than two recent reports involving housing for proof. We are a skittish nation right now. The National Association of Realtors reported  that [...]

August 19 / 2011

Foreclosure Moratorium Could Hurt

I know there is a lot being written and said about the ongoing review by 50 state attorney generals regarding the foreclosure procedures of some major lenders in the United States.  I wanted to weigh in on this issue. I first want to explain that losing a home is a horrible, horrible thing and we all [...]

October 18 / 2010

It’s All About Trust

I spent a large part of my day with an amazing group of Coldwell Banker agents who came to our corporate office to provide us with a sense of the challenges they and consumers are facing today. I was inspired by Cindy Yoder of Coldwell Banker Vinson Chase in Modesto, California.  Cindy spoke so passionately [...]

October 13 / 2010

Great Summer Reading While It’s Still Summer

  Where did the summer go?  Hopefully yours was more relaxing than mine.  Most of my time was spent on the road in congested airports and packed planes as I visited many, many great Coldwell Banker companies.  I can attest that if you looked only at airport useage our economy must be well on its [...]

September 03 / 2010

Economy is Driving Lifestyle Decisions

I have stated in this blog before that lifestyle is the overwhelming driver of home buying and selling.  And the economy – along with our personal financial status – plays a heavy role in the decision making process. The Department of Housing and Development just released its 2009 American Housing Survey, which really shows how [...]

July 30 / 2010

LeBron James, Where Will You Live?

As you know I usually write about sports and real estate which are both my passions. Today both converge with LeBron James announcing his decision…Cleveland, Miami, New York, New Jersey or Chicago. Well, LeBron, you like so many Americans are about to make a lifestyle decision that will impact your housing needs.

July 08 / 2010

Positive Signs for Housing

  If you believe that housing will play a critical role in the recovery of our nation’s economy, today’s news from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) hopefully brought a smile to your face. But before I continue, I want to caution everyone that while NAR’s existing-home sale report looks good, we still have a [...]

April 23 / 2010
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