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A Home Built Out of Katrina

It’s hard to visit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast without thinking about Hurricane Katrina. I was in the region last week for a Coldwell Banker event and was reminded of storm’s fury by watching Channel 1 in my Gulfport hotel room, the “Katrina” channel.

March 27 / 2013

Rebuilding after a Natural Disaster: Important Resources

A list of resources with information about rebuilding homes or businesses after a disaster.

November 02 / 2012

Protect Your Home from Natural Disasters

Large-scale storms and natural disasters can come at a great personal and financial cost to homeowners. Homeowners who are prepared for these occurrences and aware of how to protect their assets may be in a stronger position to ride out storms and recoup their losses. While there is little individuals can do to prevent significant [...]

July 05 / 2012