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Decorating Your Home with Augmented Reality

Science fiction is becoming more reality than fantasy. One of the most interesting ways this is happening is through a technology called augmented reality. You may have seen it before, but if not what it basically does is modify your view of reality by adding an additional layer of information when viewing through a device.

July 31 / 2012

An Affordable Prefab Home from Ikea

I’ve spent many a Saturday and Sunday afternoon trying to put together furniture from Ikea. I’ve assembled an entertainment center, bookcases, a children’s bed and even a coffee table from the Swedish furniture maker. All of these occurrences involved frustration, sweating and the scouring of the room for missing pieces. But in the end the pieces have worked out well and were reasonably priced. So instead of just focusing on elements within your home, Ikea is looking to just be part of the structure of your home as well.

April 18 / 2012