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Real Estate Headlines from a Winter Wonderland

In the Northeast this weekend we were treated to a bit of snow. Ok, it was quite a bit of snow and I was reminded that it’s not even officially winter yet. So for those ready to gloat about living in milder regions save yourself the trouble and stuff your cap with your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Real Estate Headlines for First Week of November

Goodbye October. Hello November. By now I’m guessing you’ve correctly set your clocks to observe daylight savings and if you’ve ventured out you’ve probably noticed holiday promotions are already setting in. While most of the Northeast still recovers from Superstorm Sandy, here are some real estate headlines to try and get back to a normal routine:

November 05 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for the Week of August 20th

With Labor Day just two short weeks away, summer is almost over (insert sad face here). You’ve probably noticed that slight nip in the air come morning time and back to school sales have begun; making parents and kids weep in unison…one with joy and the other with sadness. To help you close out August [...]

Rental Search Now Live on coldwellbanker.com

As our Chief Executive Officer Jim Gillespie often says on TV, homeownership is something that a vast majority of Americans aspire to. In fact, in a recent Coldwell Banker survey on the American Dream of Homeownership, we learned that 83% of renters agree that they want to own a home someday. With that said, many people, [...]

Real Estate Headlines for First Monday in August

Welcome to August everyone. The dog days of summer are upon us and you’re sure to start seeing back to school commercials in the next week. There is a lot going on in the real estate world so here are some headlines from the past week for your Monday morning pleasure:

August 01 / 2011