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How E3 2013 Will Show You the Future of Your Home

E3 is the equivalent of the Cannes film festival for the video game industry. It’s where video game platforms makers, game designers and fans gather to see what’s next in the world of Mario, Master Chief and Grand Theft Auto. However if you’re a homeowner, this year’s E3 is an event you’ll want to pay attention to.

Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Gamer

So for the 2012 holiday shopping season we’ll be featuring some gift giving ideas for the most unique characters on your list that will help them turn their house into the home of their dreams. To start, here are some gift giving ideas for “the gamer.”

November 29 / 2012

9 Superfluously Awesome Items for Your Home

There are things you absolutely have to have in your home like a refrigerator, a table, an Xbox, lights, etc. Then there are the things that aren’t necessarily to your everyday living, but they sure do make your home more enjoyable or worthy of showing off.