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Real Estate Headlines for the Start of November

So long October. The holiday season is officially underway as November rolls in with it’s prelude to the winter festivities that will arrive before you know it. While I start to make my list and check it twice, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

November 04 / 2013

5 Ultra Geek Chic Items for Your Home

Let’s face it. Geek is the new chic. Or at least that’s what tech-focused, Star Wars loving, graphic novel reading, Syfy watching folks would want all of you to believe. Ok, it’s what I want to. You have to admit that geekdom has taken over pop culture lately with super hero movies becoming critically acclaimed entertainment and ComicCon somehow entering the mainstream.

June 28 / 2012

American Towns According to Twitter Infographic

Amercians love their home towns. We all have nicknames for the places we live. Some are well known to residents across the country, while others are more exclusive to those living within the city limits. I was curious when I saw a survey put out today by InboxQ that relates to how Amercians refer to their hometowns on Twitter.

June 16 / 2011
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The New “Innovator”

Saw last week that Apple’s market cap topped Microsoft’s for the first time and became the #2 most valuable US public company behind Exxon/Mobil.  WOW.  It hit me.  Microsoft is the “old dawg”.  Are they today’s version of IBM in the 80′s?  When does the innovator become the laggard? An article in USA Today used [...]