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Your Home Is You

Your home is made of wood and nails. It’s made of doors and windows, but it’s more than that.

February 26 / 2014

Best Homecomings in Movie History: Apollo 13

Houston, we have a problem. You’ve probably said that phrase hundreds of times, but these were actual words uttered in one of the most desperate moments in US history. The Apollo 13 mission and crew were in despair. They didn’t think they’d be able to get home.

February 21 / 2014

Best Homecomings in Movie History: Wizard of Oz

We should take a moment to appreciate Dorothy’s “homecoming” and revelation that there is no place like home and apply it to our own lives.

Best Homecomings in Movie History: Home Alone

The second nominee in the #YourHome Awards honoring the best homecoming scenes in movie history is my personal childhood favorite – Home Alone.

7 Home and Office Technology Trends from the Movie ‘Her’

Take a look at 7 interesting home and office technology trends from the Academy Award nominated film, ‘Her’