American Dream Independence Day 300x225 The American Dream

Oak Harbor, WA

It’s Fourth of July week and I always enjoy pulling out sparklers and celebrating the holiday with my friends and family. As I enjoyed all the festivities of the three-day weekend, I reflected on the meaning behind the “American Dream.” It’s a term that many of us use in reference to home ownership, and despite the gloomy headlines that still circulate, it’s certainly alive and well today.

When our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence 235 years ago, the American Dream was officially born. Built on the foundation of freedom, democracy and hope, it has evolved into so much more than they may have ever imagined. For millions of people, the American Dream truly is to own a home. As a homeowner myself, I distinctively remember the sense of pride I felt the first time I opened the door with my very own set of keys and stepped inside.  I can say from experience that I was proud to be an American then and there – and have been many times since.

Despite challenges we’ve seen in the market, people will still have babies, get married, change jobs and buy homes. Home ownership is and will continue to be the American Dream, and no market reports can change that fact.

So on a patriotic note, here are some listings on that portray the American Dream:

  • More than 75 homes for sale on streets named “Liberty Lane”
  • Another 50 on “Independence Drive”
  • Just over 25 homes for sale in towns named “Freedom”
  • Nearly 60 homes with Patriot in the description
  • More than 220 homes that boast a view of fireworks (like the 3 bed, 2 bath below in Oak Harbor, WA)
  • Just over 190 homes with flag in the description
  • More than 2,500 homes great for holding a BBQ

What does the American Dream mean for you? How do you plan on celebrating this holiday weekend?