3509720288 543219a841 300x266 10 Coolest Comic Book HomesToday MTV Geek released its list of the 10 Coolest Comic Books Homes and I gotta tell you I’m a little surprised at some of the choices (Rock of Eternity? Really?). The list has some great diversity in it. Different styles of home from the extravagant Infinite Avengers Mansion to the morbid Castle Doom. But one thing they have in common is they’re all massive dwelling places.

Only a few comic book characters have humble dwellings. Peter Parker has a pretty bare bones apartment, but if you look at Batman, Superman, Iron Man, or the Fantastic Four the majority of these heroes live in luxurious locales.

I find this interesting because super heroes don’t exactly get a salary. It’s more a philanthropic occupation. The majority of these heroes have to hold a second job to be able to afford their living quarters, except for Superman who just had to throw a crystal into the tundra to have his place built.

Some notable comic book homes were missing from the list, like Stark Tower or the Justice League’s Hall of Justice, but the list hits a lot of the more notable comic book homes.

Last summer, Coldwell Banker ran a consumer survey asking which hero’s home they would most like to live in. The options were Peter Parker’s apartment, Wayne Manor, the Fortress of Solitude or the Hall of Justice.

The winner by a large margin was Wayne Manor. So it appears consumers still prefer the classic style mansion to the modern extravagance of the Baxter Building.

And according to MTV Geek’s list, the Fortress of Solitude ranks as the #1 comic book home. What’s your pick?

Photo courtesy of Flickr user whatleydude