Pull out couches are yesterday’s news! This convertible bunk bed couch takes things to a whole new level!

According to the New York Times, Milano Smart Living, an Italian producer of high-end, space-saving furniture, is selling a sofa that unfolds into a bunk bed. Named for the Italian word for castle, Multibed Castello springs open with the touch of a finger.

Pull the ladder down, and a barrier goes up on the upper berth, which not only prevents sleepers from rolling off but also locks the structure in place. A second locking mechanism with key is also provided, but really only to soothe the nerves of an American market, said Gideon Back, the company’s president and chief executive officer. The bed holds up to 300 pounds without budging. “I’ve jumped on it,” Mr. Back attested.

Buyers can choose from nine mattress options, including memory foam. Covers are removable and come in more than 100 colors. The sofa starts at $9,000. Information: (646) 293-6691 or milanosmartliving.com.

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Images courtesy: New York Times