This is seriously unique. By way of, I discovered this video and photo of what appears to be the first portable and foldable house. It’s like a modular tent for the 21st century bedouin. You can rearrange walls, room sizes and the entire layout if you’re feeling quite handy.

Called the “M” house, it was designed by Los Angeles based designer Michael Jantzen and was rumored to almost be purchased by Brad Pitt. No word on whether Angelina was a fan of living in it.

While it doesn’t appear to be the type of house designers love, it has been featured in Architectural Digest and A Guide to Contemporary Architecture in America among others. I’m curious what the price tag is on this place and if comes with handy travel bag to tote the pieces around in.

Check out the video below for a closer look. Warning: video does contain Euro-style techno music. Not my first choice.