With over 25,000 videos having been uploaded this year to the Coldwell Banker On Location channel, we see a wide variety of ways that people interact and comment on videos. But one video stands out from the rest as possible the most talked about video that we have on youtube.com/coldwellbanker.

It’s not controversial. It’s not a high profile video with big name talent. It’s not quirky. It doesn’t even involve a dog on a skateboard.

It’s a video about Elkhart, Indiana.

I’m not from Elkhart and I’ve never visited so I had to look up where exactly it was located, but this video below which is a community video about Elkhart has gotten more attention than the majority of community videos on our channel.

Some like the video. Some don’t. Some want to add to it. But everyone has a comment about their community. It never ceases to surprise me how many people comment that “they used to live here” or “I know where that place is” or add some kind of dialog to community videos.

People like to talk about their home towns or places they know. A web site about Elkhart, Indiana might not get this type of attention, but a video that allows you to get a sense and feel for a town tends to spark a discussion.