This morning I was inspired by an article published by crowd-sourcing company eYeka, who recently asked consumers to consider what the “phone of the future” would look like. The results are amazing. Ordinary consumers put together their thoughts on what would be possible if there were no limits to making their imaginations a reality.

The result? Phone as thin as credit cards and that fold. Phones that don’t need screens and have Princess Leia-like hologram projections to convey messages. Fully customizable devices that are able to match your mood and know your needs. Phones that are seamlessly connected to all the devices in your home. To put it simply, the phone of the future is truly a “smart” phone that can know what you want and deliver it to you with or without your prompting.

Amazing stuff that got me thinking what would the future of real estate search look like? At Coldwell Banker, we’ve put this question to task in all of our development projects. It’s what inspired unique functionality like our Bluescape search and the real estate video portal, Coldwell Banker On Location.

But those search tools are still cemented in reality. If we were to think that anything was possible, why couldn’t these phones of the future also become the ultimate real estate search device. We can see the growth in mobile search and how more and more people are using mobile apps and sites to help them find the home of their dreams. What if this future phone could already know what would be the best home for your needs?

What if based on your photo albums, bill payment activity and GPS data of your phone, it could automatically discern the size, location and mortgage payment that best meets your needs? What if without you even having to search the super real estate search pushed you homes that came on the market that are closer to your office and would lower your monthly payments? What if this phone could also provide you with job openings in a new location that might better suit your financial situation and provide you with a better place for your family?

It’s amazing what you can come up with when you remove all limitations and simply consider “what if…”

Who knows if these phones of the future will come to fruition, but something tells me that there are certainly more possible than one might think. Perhaps the same can be true for the real estate search of the future?

Given no limitations what would you want the real estate search of the future look like? For some inspiration, check out the video below from eYeka showing off what they call the “Roundphone.”