liveworkhome The Smaller House Movement

The Live Work Home from Cook+Fox Architects

In these economic times, people often take a look at ways they can downsize their spending and make less do more. One area that is seeing some growth is what I’ll call “the smaller house” movement. While we love to tour mansions and watch TV shows that showcase extravagant spaces, the opposite side of the real estate spectrum is getting serious attention from home owners across the globe.

One cause for this is the increasing popularity of books like Sara Susanka’s Not So Big Solutions for Your Home which goes into detail on simple ways you can make more out of the small spaces in your home. Having browsed the book myself I can tell you that Susanka’s latest book, More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home, comes with some extremely useful tips on managing the space in your home while keeping these more modest rooms personal and attractive to even the most scrupulous of designers. From tips on where to position your television to rethinking the formal dining room to getting creative with a bathtub and shower, the book has gained attention from home owners everywhere.

In addition to these books more small house designers are gaining attention, like Tumbleweed Tiny House Co., who’s XS House is a mere 65 square feet that somehow manages to boast a queen size bed, a living room with desk and two closets although the kitchen isn’t fit for those aspiring Gordon Ramsey types. Cook+Fox Architects have built what they call the “Live Work Home” in Syracuse, NY which is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly structure with an open design that can double as a home and an office as paying for a mortgage and renting office space can be a burden for many small business owners.

While McMansions may have been the home of choice in the past decades, this current era of homeowners may be looking for more modest living spaces that are more efficient and can still be a personal, comfortable place to live.


Photo: Cook+Fox Architects