You’ve probably heard 1980′s pop song “Walk Like an Egyptian”, but you may not have pictured King Tut gliding across tile floors. Prehistoric man dug clay from riverbanks, shaped and decorated it, then baked it dry in the sun. Eventually, ancient Egyptians devised a new technique of kiln firing, which made the finished tiles even stronger. Ancient Romans and Greeks quickly adopted tile as their go-to product for floors, roofs, and even plumbing, while the Chinese developed a porcelain variety that gained popularity across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Take a look down beneath your feet today. More than likely you’ll find tile floors in a variety of public places and private homes, including your own. Although tile offers durability, versatility, and style in virtually every setting, the warm desert climate of Las Vegas makes for an especially suitable application.

Keep Your Cool

With a climate where the thermometer hits 100 and above regularly, tile provides delicious cool underfoot and also helps energy efficiency. Tile makes a great heat conductor, keeping room temperatures down on hot days.

Long-Lasting with Less Work

Even high-grade carpeting succumbs to wear and tear. And the desert atmosphere in Las Vegas can be pretty unforgiving on carpet, with frequent vacuuming required to keep desert dust at bay. Wood floors may be more easily cleaned, but some woods can be subject to contraction, warping and other issues due to the prolonged dryness punctuated by monsoon seasons. Ditto for laminates. Tile floors, however, withstand the harsh desert climate with ease, and they are easy to clean.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Ceramic Tile – the most commonly used variety in residential and commercial applications. Made from clay, ceramic tile is heated and then glazed in any of an infinite number of color combinations.

Quarry Tile – this is actually unglazed ceramic tile. It’s relatively inexpensive and less prone to scratching or chipping. The color selection for quarry tile is limited to several natural shades.

Porcelain Tile – a ceramic tile fired at higher temperature resulting in a denser, more moisture-resistant product. Porcelain also has less porous properties than some other tiles, which adds greater stain resistance. These tiles are available in matte, high polish, and unglazed finishes.

Marble Tile – known for its luxurious look, marble is essentially one-of-a-kind due to this natural stone’s variations in pattern and color.

Other natural stones include travertine, slate, and granite. Tumbled travertine, a beige stone, is in its original state and looks more rustic than honed travertine, which appears more polished. Slate tile is quite versatile and comes in gray, purple, and black color ranges. Granite is naturally antibacterial and one of the most durable natural stones.

For a synthetic option, there is vinyl or VCT tile, which is highly affordable but does not offer the same level of durability and natural beauty of ceramic tiles.

With enough options to suit every budget and taste, there’s no reason to roll the dice on any other flooring option. It’s a sure bet that tile makes for the prettiest, most practical flooring choice in your Las Vegas home.