You Know You Live in Las Vegas if…

If you live in Las Vegas, you know it’s not just a tourist destination. It’s a one-of-a-kind place to live, work, and play year round. As a resident, you enjoy living in a neighborhood enclave, but you can also be on the Strip in no time.

If you live in Las Vegas, you know it’s not just a tourist destination. It’s also a one-of-a-kind place to live, work, and play year-round. As a resident, you enjoy living in one of the many neighborhood enclaves all over the Valley — yet when you want to feel like a high roller, you can be on the world-famous Strip within 20 minutes.

When you visit other cities, you’re probably startled to remember that there’s such a thing as public parking fees because you’re so used to the free parking at casinos. You always keep a heat-reflective car sun visor handy, but you probably don’t even own an umbrella. And when you live in Las Vegas, your home shows certain signs of the locale too.

Water and the Desert

Despite the splashy fountains of Bellagio, folks know it’s a desert out here — literally! Area homes often sport drought-tolerant landscapes, along with a healthy dose of hardscape, so you avoid the burden of thirsty lawns and other water-hogging vegetation. Faux bubbling brooks sculpted from river rock dot many a front lawn here, their artful designs suggestive of flowing water that’s not actually found in the naturally dry environment. Popular Moon Valley Nursery, with locations in both North and South, also sells many desert palms that thrive around town while providing welcome shade.

Of Dirt and Dust

“Into each life some rain must fall,” wrote poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and so too into every Vegas home a little desert dust must settle. You know you live in Las Vegas when dust advisories — such as this recent Las Vegas Review Journal update — typify the fall season’s uptick in wind prevalence and velocity.

Depending on the amount of unpaved yard at your home, as well as proximity to open desert or any of the new construction going up across the Valley, exact dust levels may vary. Dust-friendly decor means limiting carpet, instead opting for easy-clean tile in the entryway and throughout the downstairs. Wood and laminate also work well, but tile provides the added attraction of cooling properties.

Other dust-smart home strategies: Leather furnishings instead of fabric, and energy-efficient construction that allows homeowners to avoid opening windows. Many who live in Las Vegas also declare their homes a “shoe-free” zone, so all footwear comes off as soon as people cross the threshold. Leaving outdoor footgear off goes a long way toward minimizing dust migration around the house.

Home Water Treatment

Not only are locals conscious of water conservation, many residents also choose water-treatment systems that optimize water quality. While Las Vegas Valley Water District reports always attest to the Valley’s water safety, that supply contains a harmless quantity of hardness and minerals. Water-softening systems installed at a home’s main water line are common fixtures in garages all over Las Vegas. These softening systems remove local water’s natural hardness, making it more pleasant for bathing and more effective for housecleaning and laundering, since soft water requires less detergent and solvents. Reverse-osmosis water purifiers with multiple filters, placed under the sink, are also commonplace for those who live in Las Vegas, enhancing water’s taste by removing mineral content.

Las Vegas life requires a few adjustments for desert living. You have to be ready for a little dust now and then, and water becomes a far more precious commodity than in other parts of the U.S. But if you live here, you know the ever-present sun, desert beauty, and proximity to top-notch entertainment make it all worthwhile.


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