Interior Decorating for Las Vegas Living

Interior decorating in your home should certainly be a reflection of your personal taste. For many Las Vegas homes, interior decorating also incorporates the low desert climate, which invites indoor-outdoor themes and a sense of casual living.

Interior decorating in your home should certainly be a reflection of your personal taste and style. At the same time, climate, geography, and locality ultimately assert some influence over your home’s overall design and decor. A home in the Rocky Mountains isn’t likely to contain a seashell collection and beach motif; a Vermont cottage probably doesn’t feature cold tile flooring throughout. For many Las Vegas homes, interior decorating incorporates the low desert climate, which invites indoor-outdoor themes and a sense of casual living and entertaining throughout the year. The environment also lends itself largely to Southwestern and Mediterranean architectural styles, which in turn influence the decor within.

Flow-Through Space

Nearly infinite sunshine and many months of temperate evenings virtually demand a home that enables frequent use of exterior space. Patios outfitted with furnishings, firepits, and outdoor kitchens help define that purpose. In turn, interior decors often seek to maintain a somewhat constant tone between indoor and outdoor space. Saltillo tile or similar flooring may flow from indoors to an outdoor courtyard. Complement this flooring with area rugs that lend neutral warmth, such as Shaw Living’s Beqir rug, available at one of the five Las Vegas Carpets N More locations.

You can further blur the lines between indoors and outdoors with plant life. On her blog, local designer Jill Thomson recommends that homeowners “bring the garden inside,” by using outdoor elements in their homes’ interiors. She specifically recommended container plants, succulents, orchids, and other flowers — even fresh-cut tree limbs will add life and interest to interiors, Thomson wrote.

Light and Airy

For many Las Vegas residences, seamless transitions don’t just connect indoor and outdoor spaces — they work throughout rooms in the interior, also. Kitchens open onto dining areas and family living spaces. Generally, the main floor functions as one cohesive space that feeds off the central kitchen. For maximum effect, many homes use one neutral color palette. Textured walls are most common around the Valley, and while you’ll find plenty with orange-peel wall textures, many new homes and remodels utilize Mediterranean trowel textures, as offered by Amado Topete Suarez on his website for Innovation Painting in Las Vegas.

Plantation Shutters

Perennially popular in Las Vegas interior decorating, plantation shutters offer aesthetic appeal and functional relevance. They’re a superior product for controlling and adjusting sunlight in your home, compared with Venetian blinds and other window coverings. Shutters also pair well with the stucco Mediterranean feel of many homes. Companies like Sunburst Shutters offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and slat sizes, and they have the ability to custom fit all window types, including arched shapes.

These are just a few elements that Las Vegas homeowners employ for creating an environment that blends with the surrounding desert, mountains, and abundant sunshine. Most importantly, you want to combine these elements to make your personal stamp on the place you call home.

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