Las Vegas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

What’s cooking at your house? You may have some killer recipes in your repertoire, but the decor of your kitchen also plays a big part in how you use and enjoy this favored room. Here are some kitchen decorating ideas.

What’s cooking at your house? You may have some killer recipes in your repertoire, but the decor of your kitchen also plays a big part in how you use and enjoy this favored room. In Las Vegas, you’ll find kitchen decorating ideas that are stylish and functional. Many of the best designs strike a balance between contemporary and classic elements.

Key Design Elements

Your kitchen decorating ideas will likely start with the key design elements of the space. What colors and finishes will you choose for walls, cabinetry, and countertops? What kind of flooring will be used? In Las Vegas, a neutral desert palette for walls, floors, and trim creates a classic look that never goes out of fashion.

Favored cabinet stains do tend to run through trends — remember the all-white kitchens of the late ’80s and ’90s? For much of the last decade, rich, dark cherry woods were rather popular. Today, it’s still possible to incorporate either style, but a shade somewhere in the middle — such as soothing honey maple — is appearing in many Las Vegas model homes these days. Countertop colors should be chosen to complement these other choices. As for floor tiles, you can’t go wrong with choosing terra-cotta or beige tones or by choosing a mottled finish that hides everyday dirt.

Functional Elements

Decorating a kitchen is not just about looks. The best kitchen decorating ideas are both highly convenient and functional. That means having well-placed, accessible work surfaces, suitable storage, and durable materials. For countertops, granite is an upscale choice. Solid surface options such as Corian will also work well and will retain resale value. For cabinets, oak and maple are popular in Las Vegas.

Although some designers will suggest that glass-front cabinets give an illusion of more openness and space, others will point out that closed doors help hide the items stored behind. In Las Vegas, you’ll probably find most cabinet-door designs to be opaque.

As for amenities, many of the current model homes around town now incorporate a very modern kitchen amenity: USB outlets that can be used to directly charge tablets and smartphones. This type of amenity can be purchased online or at your local home-goods store and can help give your kitchen a modern update that is inexpensive and easy.

With regard to appliances, stainless steel or black appliances give kitchens a sleek look. If you’re choosing stainless steel, however, make sure to balance the somewhat cold, industrial look with other choices that exude warmth and coziness.

Finishing Touches

After the big choices are made, it’s time to put a personal touch on your kitchen decorating ideas. Your kitchen space should be clean and comfortable yet not cold and inaccessible. Adding personal touches to your kitchen that are uniquely “you” can make your kitchen an inviting place, but take care that personal clutter doesn’t run away with the room. Family photos on the walls? Do! Family history obscuring the entire refrigerator? Don’t!

A great personal touch might include putting a small decorative table lamp on a countertop. Or you might want to use a decorative set of magnets on the fridge for posting children’s school art projects or daily reminders. After all, this is a room that will probably be the setting for many memories. And as the setting for those memories, your kitchen in its entirety should be a reflection of you and your family.

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