Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Las Vegas Home

Bedroom design ideas reflect a quest for serenity in an un-serene world, combining with your own personal aesthetic for the ultimate retreat. Las Vegas bedrooms often have a number of design features that really work to create a spacious, restful place.

While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the bedroom is your personal sanctuary. Comfort and privacy await you there any time you need a break from the outside world. Bedroom design ideas reflect this quest for serenity in an un-serene world, combining with your own personal aesthetic for the ultimate retreat. Las Vegas bedrooms often have any number of these design features that really work for this special space.

Bedroom Design Ideas Start with Your Builder

Unlike many other parts of the country, the majority of homes in Las Vegas were constructed in the last few decades. That means no charming Victorian-built houses with tiny rooms — instead, you’ll see raised ceilings, walk-in closets or large sliders and oftentimes an adjoining bath, even for secondary bedrooms. The “Jack and Jill” bath, which sits between two secondary bedrooms and is connected to both, is a common feature in Las Vegas construction.

For the master bedroom, large walk-in closets are practically standard, and many now feature a separate “toilet closet” (toilet enclosure with a door that blocks it from the rest of the bathroom space). Dual sinks, sit-down vanity counter, enclosed shower, and separate soaking tub are also commonly designed into a master suite.

Don’t Forget the Details

All builders offer the option (or sometimes include as standard) a ceiling light box, which is a recessed box for can lights in the ceiling. Double-entry doors for a master are not uncommon, and most homes are pre-wired for cable TV. Bedrooms may also boast details such as a window seat, pottery shelf, or architectural arch framing a door or window.

Many master bedrooms also feature a separate sitting area, sometimes defined by a short separating wall.  French doors leading out to terraces (preferably with a Strip view!) are one of the other Las Vegas bedroom design ideas that are both elegant and functional for the temperate evenings. You’ll likely want to equip that bedroom patio with the latest trends in outdoor furnishing — pieces and accessories that echo the elements and designs found indoors.

Interior Design

With all the structural points taken care of, it’s time to concentrate on your bedroom design ideas for the furnishing and decor. Soothing colors and tones usually best befit this space — after all, it’s where you’ll do your end-of-day relaxing.

Ann Stallings, a customer service associate at popular local retailer Walker Furniture, reports that many folks in town are choosing leather headboards and platform-style beds to outfit their bedrooms. Ann also remarks that although a lot of her customers — especially the younger crowd — do look for contemporary furnishings, traditional designs never really go out of style.

You’ll also want to block out sun and heat with appropriate window treatments, such as the always-popular plantation shutters. The right window treatments will help keep your oasis in the desert cool and comfortable. Combined with the trend toward spaciousness and convenience in the overall suite, your bedroom will make for a welcoming spot to return to at the end of the day.


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