Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Philadelphia

According to Gregory Harth, president of Harth Builders, many Philadelphia-area homeowners decide to remodel and upgrade their master bathroom because they become tired of the upkeep with older showers, which are difficult to keep clean.

For new buyers, bathroom remodeling is a great starting point for redecorating a home. It’s an excellent chance to get creative, because smaller powder rooms are the perfect place to try darker or bolder colors. It’s also an opportunity to turn larger bathrooms into a spa-like oasis that functions better and is easier to clean.

To add value and take advantage of new trends, consider minor refreshes or larger upgrades to modernize your home’s bathrooms.

Larger-sized Showers Gain Popularity

When renovating a master bathroom, many individuals look to maximize their shower space, even at the expense of their bathtubs. According to Gregory Harth, president of Harth Builders in Spring House, many Philadelphia-area homeowners decide to remodel their master bathroom because they get tired of the upkeep with older showers, which are difficult to keep clean. Track-door showers often suffer the effects of hard-water buildup and soap residue over the years. In addition, light-colored grout between tiles becomes dark and discolored.

Recent innovations in frameless shower doors and doorless shower designs now alleviate the challenge of keeping track doors clean. The new styles of shower doors also add a modern look to a bathroom. Linear drains in showers have also increased in popularity due to their versatility and modern appearance.

Choose Paint Wisely

Bathrooms tend to hold moisture more than other areas of a home, so keep in mind the amount of steam and water splashing on your walls when you choose paint. A satin or semi-gloss finish is frequently recommended for bathrooms, but if you prefer a less shiny finish, Benjamin Moore manufactures a bath paint that comes in a matte finish. Sherwin-Williams also makes a specially formulated bathroom paint if you are concerned about potential mold or mildew damage.

Bath Vanity

When shopping for a new bathroom vanity, you may notice newer models are now taller — up to 36 inches — compared to the 30-inch standard height from years past. According to Remodeling magazine, this trend stems from baby boomers who prefer to have bathroom fixtures and toiletry items at a more comfortable height. For bathroom countertops, granite is a great choice because of its durability and affordability.

Cut Water Consumption for Great Savings

Although most individuals do not remodel a bathroom expressly to reduce water usage, adding new fixtures and toilets will often cut consumption. To maximize efficiency, look for products with the EPA’s WaterSense label. For example, using a WaterSense-labeled faucet allows for up to 30 percent savings in water consumption. Additionally, low-flow toilets labeled under this program use at least 20 percent less water than the standard water used per flush.

Bathroom remodeling that incorporates updated bathroom fixtures, appliances, and showers look great, but they also work better and use less water. Updated bathrooms are a definite selling point for homebuyers, but if you’re house-hunting, don’t be afraid to buy a house with an older bathroom. You have plenty of options for remodeling, and you can factor those costs into your budget for the home purchase. Choosing your own updates will help to ensure that the end result will be a bathroom that reflects your personal style.

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