Bath Remodeling: Tips and Trends


If you’re considering bath remodeling, you’re not alone. Bath remodels ranked third on a 2012 “US News & World Report” list of home renovations that yield best return on investment. Here’s a few top items for a Las Vegas remodel.


If you’re considering bath remodeling, you’re certainly not alone. Bath remodels ranked third on a 2012 “US News & World Report” list of home renovations that yield best return on investment. Many buyers look for updates, comfort, and luxury in this very important room of your home. What might be on the wish list for a Las Vegas bathroom remodel?

Fixture Envy

Many homes that came with standard builder fixtures are now in need of a bath remodeling. While perfectly functional in most cases — and maybe even considered the height of style at the time of construction — these fixtures often have dated colors and finishes. They don’t always stand up in terms of durability, either.

Large custom showers continue to gain popularity in the Las Vegas market. Hand-held shower heads, shower tiles, rain bars, body sprays, and steam showers are just a few of the upgraded fixtures that homeowners here crave. Gary Robinson of CSI Construction Inc. notes that “some buyers really feel ready to spend a big part of their project budget on highly updgraded fixtures.” He cites one client who spent over $10,000 for a volcanic limestone tub and vessel sinks, as well as brushed-nickel faucets and granite countertops.

A Room with a View

Many homes in Vegas boast spectacular city or mountain views. Homeowners enjoy having their bath with these panoramas and some bath remodeling plans include revising the room’s layout, or adding a skylight, so you can soak up the sights along with your favorite bottle of bubble bath.

Lighting it Up

As with the fixtures, builder-installed lighting is usually adequate at best, and generally includes only mirror lighting and a shower can light. Many area residents prefer replacing more dated-looking finishes such as brass with contemporary choices like brushed steel or chrome. For an optimal blend that complements stylish new fixtures, you can combine natural light with mirror lights, recessed lights, and sconce lighting.

What’s Underfoot?

Many Las Vegas builders previously used carpeting in master baths. This flooring certainly feels plush underfoot, but it ultimately makes an unenduring choice for withstanding the trifecta of water, dirt, and traffic inherent in the life of your bathroom.

With that in mind, bath remodeling often includes new tile flooring, the wisest choice for this environment. Laying radiant heat matting or coil systems beneath the tile proves an attractive add-on for those who enjoy this extra warmth and luxury during the cold winter nights. As a selling point on its website, local contractor Designer Kitchens and Baths also notes how the radiant heat systems actually help cut down your electric bill, because the flooring allows you to warm up the bathroom without running heat throughout the house.

Certainly, taking a “whole room” approach will yield the optimal results for your bath remodeling project. And focusing on objectives such as durability, practicality, and classic style will further refine this very important space in your home. When you’re finished with all the work, don’t forget to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.


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