Modern Bathroom Design Trends in NYC

In NYC, bathroom space is at a premium, but that doesn’t mean that New Yorkers don’t want their bathrooms to be beautiful, spa-like oases. By incorporating a few modern bathroom design trends, they can create spaces that are beautiful and functional.

When it comes to modern bathroom design ideas in NYC, space is probably the number-one consideration. But even if you have the tiniest bathroom imaginable, you can still make it a stunning and functional showplace.

If you’re going to be doing a full remodel, work with a contractor to figure out how you can best maximize space. NYC bathrooms on average are notoriously tiny, but even adding a few extra inches on either side of the room can make a huge difference in the amount of perceived space. For example, knocking a wall back to create built-in bathroom storage can eliminate the need for freestanding cabinetry that instantly shrinks the size of the room. Here are three other ways that New Yorkers are incorporating modern bathroom trends into their most private of spaces.

Glass-Enclosed Showers

Many homeowners are falling in love with glass-enclosed showers, and with good reason. These sleek, gorgeous glass walls not only create a streamlined, contemporary feel in the bathroom, but they also make bathrooms feel larger. The ubiquitous shower curtain is a necessary evil for most bathrooms, but in a small bathroom, it makes the bathroom feel even tinier. With no visual barrier, a glass shower can create the illusion that the room is larger than it is.

Spa-Like Experiences

Forget the Red Door Spa. Many New York City residents are turning their bathrooms into havens that could rival the hottest spas or luxury hotels. From jetted tubs to rainfall showers, they’re transforming their bathrooms from merely functional spaces into refuges. If you’re interested in creating a spa-like experience at home, think about adding such elements as thick, white, plush towels or marble sinks and tubs. Consider flooring options like Moroccan tile, marble, and old-fashioned penny tile. Work with a contractor to install underfloor heating. It’s those little touches that make a good bathroom great. Even better, many of these changes — such as adding rainfall showers — can be completed in a single afternoon.

Lighting Design

The lighting industry probably owes a lot of its success to Mariah Carey. She appeared on MTV Cribs years ago, showing off her fabulous downtown NYC penthouse. Although Carey herself was wildly entertaining in that episode, what stood out for many interior design buffs was the gorgeous crystal chandelier hanging in her bathroom. People were awed by the way that it took an already-glamorous room to an even higher level of fabulousness. The takeaway? Lighting can make a huge difference in modern bathroom design.

You’re already paying attention to the lighting in the rest of your home — so why resign yourself to ugly lighting in your bathroom? Lighting greatly affects mood, and its role in the bathroom is critical for people trying to create a peaceful, soothing sensory experience. Simple fixes that many people employ include changing out a standard overhead lighting fixture to something more elegant, like a chandelier or a beautiful pendant. Recessed lighting set on dimmers can be used to control the amount of task lighting without taking up valuable real estate in the room.


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